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The converted crossbow is a result of several years of trial and error. It has been used for many years, by different individuals. They have all had success shooting archery and/or bowhunting.

The intention of this web site is to share the design of this crossbow to help others find archery solutions for their disabilities. The converted crossbow cannot be purchased from this site. It can also be seen in Hunters Specialties "Primetime Bucks 7".

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Owen Orthmann

How does it work?

The device starts with a crossbow made by TenPoint Crossbow Technologies in Suffield, Ohio. This manufacturer's crossbow is easier to adapt because the trigger and rail can be removed together, without the stock. Also, the quality of construction in this crossbow is second to none.

The crossbow is modified so the trigger can be activated by a DC solenoid. The solenoid is operated by a pressure sensor switch. These parts fit inside a steel box which mounts beneath the trigger.

All of this is then mounted on top of a video camera tripod head which bolts to a frame that mounts to a wheelchair. Current is provided by the 24V batteries from the power wheelchair.

With just the use of a chin, the crossbow can aim left and right, up and down. Sighting is done with a red dot scope.. While aiming, a simple inhale on a tube will fire the crossbow.

Cocking the bow is accomplished by using the electric cocking device made by
Horton Manufacturing. Even the multiple shots necessary for target archery require little effort with this power assist.